David Neal

David Neal is a London-based doctor, writer, and founder of Vesalian.

​It’s December 1995. A chubby four-year-old boy in a Thomas the Tank Engine woolly hat is crying.

He’s suffering from a very common ear infection that almost all children have experienced, ‘otitis media’. He’s crying because it’s painful.


Martin Marshall

Martin Marshall, a co-founder of the Rethinking Medicine ‘thing’, is Professor of Healthcare Improvement at UCL and Vice Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Nearly 12 months down the line and I’m still calling Rethinking Medicine a ‘thing’ because I don’t know what else to call it.

David Paynton is a GP, RCGP Clinical Lead and a member of the Rethinking Medicine working group. Ollie Hart is a GP in Sheffield and a member of the Rethinking Medicine working group.

Image of Ollie Hart

Doctors assume they know what needs to happen but find themselves frustrated that medicines are only half the answer.
We explore a shift in thinking as modern medicine rebalances itself to respond to the challenge of working with people rather than doing to patients.Around the country clinicians especially general practitioners, are increasingly frustrated that despite ever increasing workload, efforts go unrewarded.
There is a feeling that although we face a faster treadmill of consultations, blood tests, referrals, QOF targets, contract indicators and regulatory requirements, the law of diminishing returns still applies.