Carrie MacEwen

Professor Carrie MacEwen is Chair of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and Consultant Ophthalmologist at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

So, what is Rethinking Medicine and exactly what needs to be re-thought? Medicine is constantly changing – so, what has happened that requires us to rethink the process and perhaps bring it back into line?

Andrew Rix

Andrew Rix is an independent research and evaluation consultant, and Honorary Researcher at Swansea University School of Medicine.

Rethinking – interesting choice of word. Not review or assessment – more radical. Rethinking is a form of investigation not bound by the past, nor by a process and not constrained by the ecology of the future. Unlike the other option, a review, it is born of inquisitiveness, nourished by anarchy and unpredictable in its outcomes.

Richard Taunt

Richard Taunt is part of Kaleidoscope Health and Care.

Change takes time. We need to prepare for the future not just firefight the present. It’s a popular time to wheel out some of health policy’s favourite clichés. But how do you define long term? And how does knowing a realistic end point affect what you do now?

Jane Dacre

Professor Dame Jane Dacre is Professor of Medical Education at University College London, and Director of UCL Medical School. She is a former president of the Royal College of Physicians.


The NHS Long Term Plan sets out a vision for the future of the NHS that begins to rebalance the way the NHS will care for the population for the next 10 years.