Image of Dr Shaba Nabi
Dr Shaba Nabi

Dr Shaba Nabi is a GP trainer in Bristol.

The winter vomiting bug has done its rounds in our household and my daughter was the last to succumb. As I prompted her to drink more, she asked me which was healthier – water or milk? I thought about it for a few minutes and then told her it depends what you want to achieve. If you want to be hydrated, then water is healthier, but if you want calories and protein, then milk is healthier. She immediately declared she was dehydrated and went off to fetch herself a cup of water.

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Angela Coulter

Angela Coulter is a health policy analyst and researcher, with special interests in patient and public involvement. 

I was shocked to learn at a recent meeting that some clinical geneticists think it’s OK to screen patients for underlying cancer risk without discussing the options with them and without seeking their informed consent.


Image of Ollie Hart
Ollie Hart

I want to talk about the concept of ‘failure demand’ – something discussed in  Beyond Command and Control by John Seddon et al and which I find really compelling.

This idea is that much of healthcare work (and many other areas) is driven by demand created by failing to address the issues that matter most to people. Our systems create blocks and obstacles that make it very difficult to resolve people’s most pressing concerns quickly and fully. It creates further ‘shock waves’ of demand, as people seek alternative ways to navigate the obstructive system.