Jane Dacre

Jane Dacre, member of the Rethinking Medicine working group.

The NHS is a victim of its own success, with millions of people benefitting and living longer as a result of its work. As our population ages, we accrue a selection of different long term conditions, and are learning how to live well with several comorbidities. 

Carrie MacEwen

Carrie MacEwen, member of the Rethinking Medicine working group. Written in collaboration with Maggie Rae, President Faculty of Public Health.

​The NHS was founded on the principle of equality – healthcare being available to everyone based on need and not on the ability to pay. Inclusion of all healthcare providers across the four home nations and in every location – urban or rural, north or south, rich or poor – meant that there were no exclusions. That concept has changed little over the years, but as medical services, developments and expectations have grown beyond recognition, the notion of how to fund and deliver all health needs equitably has become increasingly complex.

Angela Coulter

Angela Coulter, member of the Rethinking Medicine working group.

Publication of the draft service contract for Primary Care Networks (PCNs) has led to a flurry of negative headlines: “GPs in revolt”, “Flawed”, “Unreasonable and completely unachievable”, and so on. It looks as if the draft will be rejected out of hand, and NHS England and Improvement will have to go back to the drawing board.

David Haslam

Sir David Haslam, member of the Rethinking Medicine working group.

It is as dangerous as smoking, as risky as high blood pressure, as hazardous as obesity. It increases the likelihood of mortality by 26%, particularly through heart disease and stroke. It has clear correlations with cognitive decline, the development of dementia, depression, and suicide. People with it are more likely to visit their GP, have higher use of medication, higher incidence of falls and increased risk factors for long term care. The pharmaceutical industry is working on a medication to treat it.

It is loneliness.